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Hi guys I know when you install laminate flooring on concrete you use vapor barrier. Y would I not do the same thing for installing carpet on the cement floor. Reason I'm asking is I live right by the lake and when Opening the windows the cool most air flows in right to the basement so its always being damp and musty. I'm taking other preventative measures to keep moisture down and just wondering y someone would not install vapor barrier under carpet. I stopped in and asked my carpet guy he said no that I would get mildew under the plastic but to me that does not make sense as its under laminate.
Category: Carpet Post By: SETH FIGUEROA (Bethlehem, PA), 01/18/2019

Laminate is not going to contour to the floor as tightly as carpet will. The plastic is under the cushion that is under the laminate and the flexing of the lam. causes air movement which is the enemy of mold and mildew. Additionally the carpet and padding allow water vapor to pass through so it doesn't accumulate underneath. That would cause mold and mildew issues.

- BERNARD OLIVER (Maple Grove, MN), 04/29/2019

Also you may get a rattling noise when walked on. Daris

- Lesley Ford (West Palm Beach, FL), 04/12/2019

What about pass through on urethane pad? Or pads with the vapor barrier top? I agree not to plastic under carpet for noise and its a pain to put it under anything as the pad you put over the plastic slids all over the place. If you have moisture problems you need to fix that before any plastic goes down.

- Nick L (Tuscaloosa, AL), 03/13/2019

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